Röck Döts

Asking Alexandria with The Ghost Inside

Location: E-Werk, Cologne
Date: 10/18/2014

livegigs I am pretty sure that ASKING ALEXANDRIA have expected more from this tour, their first full European one in support of their recent record "From Death To Destiny", which was released back in August 2013 (!!!). The band booked bigger venues than ever before but could sell out only Cologne and Berlin, in other German cities like Munich or Berlin they had to downgrade the venues. Today's show in Cologne's E-Werk is sold out with more than 2000 fans (and a few parents as well).

Due to a strike of the Deutsche Bahn the streets in Cologne are filled with cars and I miss the first two supporting acts SLAVES and CAPTURE THE CROWN. So the first band that I get to see is THE GHOST INSIDE. Normally the band doesn't play in front of as much girls as today, which singer Jonathan Vigil admits, but the crowd seems to like the band's melodic blend of hardcore and metalcore. The American band created a good setlist, mixing old tunes as 'Unspoken' with the ones of the band's last record "Get What You Give" like 'Dark Horse' or the anthem 'Enginge 45' as well as two songs taken from THE GHOST INSIDE's forthcoming release "Dear Youth". Even though the crowd might not be the band's standard audience the gig goes along very well. Band and fans are in a good mood and have a good time - at least for the 35 minutes of the metalcore band's set.
After a break of half an hour EUROPE's 'The Final Countdown' blast through the venues PA and then the light go down as ASKING ALEXANDRIA's very own intro for 'Don't Pray For Me' kicks in. As the band members walk on stage the girls in the front rows are screech from the top of their young lungs. This reaction is kind of surprising for singer Danny Worsnop gained some weight since the last time I have seen the band perform. On that show in February 2013 Worsnop behaved like WHITESNAKE's frontman David Coverdale, this time around he imitates Steven Tyler of AEROSMITH. Obviously the singer isn't able to scream his vocals. Most parts, where he is supposed to shout he sings, whispers or remains silent. At least he is a good vocalist, so that he doesn't ruin the show. The band itself plays more than solid and knows all the 80's glam metal poses. Because of this and the singer's refusal or disability of shouting I am pretty sure than ASKING ALEXANDRIA might move in the same manner like AVENGED SEVENFOLD and turning into a hard rock/metal band.
The setlist focuses on the band's last two records "From Death To Destiny" and "Reckless & Relentless", but also includes some tracks of the more immature debut "Stand Up And Scream". At least the British metalcore act only chooses the hits of that record. 'The Final Episode' and 'Not The American Average' close the set, but the group return for a three song strong encore, which consists of 'Killing You', 'The Death of Me' and 'Poison'. Even though Worsnop's vocals needed getting used to, ASKING ALEXANDRIA's show was a fun one. The 65 minutes long performance was strong and could win everyone over.