Röck Döts

Architects with Every Time I Die
Blessthefall and Counterparts

Location: Live Music Hall, Cologne
Date: 02/26/2015

Back in 2009 "Hollow Crown" was one of the best metalcore records out (and it still is!). You could see ARCHITECTS shirts all over the place at metalcore/post-hardcore-shows. But it took the band five more years and the release of "Lost Forever // Lost Together" for the break-through. The British band's sixth record finally established them as one of Europe's finest metalcore acts. After selling out Cologne's Essigfabrik, which was the biggest headlining show the band ever played outside of the UK, they even manage to top that by almost selling out the bigger Live Music Hall. The whole show is filmed by the German television transmitter WDR and its famous show "Rockpalast".
Unfortunately, I don't make it in time for COUNTERPARTS. A stoppage on the highway makes it hard to get to Cologne. So, BLESSTHEFALL is the first band of the night - at least for me. The American metalcore crew kicks in with their usual opener 'You Wear A Crown But You're No King'. The front rows of the crowd seem to dig the band's melodic yet breakdown filled metalcore. Vocalist Beau Bokan is running across the stage, while bassist Jared Warth is screaming during the verses. Due to this dynamic it looks like Bokan is only the second singer of this band. I think they could have included a song that features only Bokan's clean vocals, because these tunes are still heavy enough to fuel the moshpit. Despite that the band's performance is very good. The seven song strong setlist mainly contains tunes of "Hollow Bodies", whose titletrack ends the 30 minute set of BLESSTHEFALL.
Prior to the show I was very excited to see EVERY TIME I DIE again. But I was worried if the young audience might like them. With pains I resemble the American metalcore band's show as a support for A DAY TO REMEMBER in February 2014, where actually nobody was interested in these pioneers. After the band's 80's dance intro, they start 'No Son of Mine'. The rock edge of this song is perfect for starting the show. I guess many attendees don't know the band, so this heavy yet melodic song is a good point to start. Most of the remaining songs are far more heavy. And EVERY TIME I DIE make them sound even more heavy live by stretching the breakdowns or playing these parts slower. A perfect example for this is 'Underwater Bimbos From Outter Space', which breakdown at the end is extended and played slow, so this part appears brutal as hell. The melodic and catchy 'Decaying With The Boys' and the band's hit 'The New Black' seem like breathers in-between the heavy stuff. The psychedelic 'Moor' ends the set is a good way. For me, EVERY TIME I DIE was the best band of the evening.
That is caused by how much ARCHITECTS depend on their audience. Of course the Brits' performance is great, but they need their audience to make it appear that great. Their fans know every lyric and are eager to scream them as loud as possible, when vocalist Sam Carter points his microphone at them. I guess the whole performance would not be that good, if the crowd does not go mental.
For 70 minutes the musicians as well as the crowd won't get a chance to breathe for air. Since the very beginning of 'Broken Cross' until the last song 'Gravedigger' everybody is moving. There is a huge moshpit right in front of the stage, that is fuelled by every new song ARCHITECTS play. The band plays ten out of eleven songs taken from their recent record "Lost Forever // Lost Together", only the quiet 'The Distant Blue' is left out. It seems like the crowd is fond of hearing these tunes. Nevertheless the "Daybreaker"-songs, such as 'Alpha Omega' gets great response as well. In comparison the old tracks like 'Day In Day Out' and 'Follow The Water' are received well, but more reserved. For an old fan like me, they could have played a song or two more from "Hollow Crown" or even something taken from "Ruin". But this is the only bad thing I have to say about them (in all my live reviews about their shows).