Röck Döts

Escape The Fate with Glamour of the Kill

Location: Underground, Cologne
Date: 10/22/2014

livegigs It seems like ESCAPE THE FATE is still a band you can count on. Even though for years everyone was wishing for a reunion with former singer Ronnie Radke, who formed FALLING IN REVERSE after his release from prison, ESCAPE THE FATE grew and grew more popular. This tour shows that the band doesn't need to focus on their classic debut "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion", because the material they wrote with Radke's replacement Craig Mabbit is strong as well.

Due to the fact that German heavy metal legends ACCEPT play around the corner I need an big amount of time to find a car park. Because of this I miss the billing's first band NEW YEAR'S DAY, but I attend right in time to catch GLAMOUR OF THE KILL. The British foursome remind me of a mixture of the more rock orientated PAPA ROACH and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. But the band needs to turn down some of the electronica, they use in their songs, because it makes the tracks sound too similar to each other. But the band's performance is very good and energetic from the very start. The crowd like the band as well, obviously, for they sing along and open up a mosh pit that some headliners might wish for.
After that ESCAPE THE FATE hit the stage and kick in with 'You're Insane', a track from last year's album "Ungrateful". The crowd is even more euphoric than before and sing along to new and old tunes. It's great to see that these emo/post-hardcore veterans are still popular in a scene that has changed over the years since the band's beginning. For an old fan like me it would have been great to get some treats from the debut record, but ESCAPE THE FATE just don't need to focus on the Radke-past, because the stuff that followed was strong enough to stand on its own. The blend of emo, metalcore and glam metal/sleaze/hard rock riffs is something that this band has invented and perfected. Especially the dark but groovy sound of the last two studio efforts is great and even better live. My personal highlight of the band's set is 'Until We Die' that seems to be a fan favourite, because of the strong response from the sold out Underground. I'm sure the band could have played in a venue a little bit bigger than the Underground, but this venue is packed with about 300 kids that are into ESCAPE THE FATE and all of their songs.
After the group's most brutal track 'Ungrateful' and the rocker 'One For The Money' Craig Mabbit and his crew say goodbye, but return moments later for a shredding guitar solo and another heavy song, 'This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)' take from the record of the same name. After an hour of great music and a good performance ESCAPE THE FATE say goodbye and leave the stage at last.
One the one hand it is great to see that this band is still rocking and doing better than ever, but on the other hand I would have liked to get some old stuff, because I still love "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" - even after the 8 years since its release in 2006.