Röck Döts

Falling In Reverse

Location: Essigfabrik, Cologne
Date: 02/15/2015

Falling In Reverse Essigfabrik, Cologne Hands down: I never thought that ex-prisoner Ronnie Radke would be allowed to tour through Europe. Last summer his band FALLING IN REVERSE made a first trip to Europe and played about five festival dates. This January/February the band embarks on their first real tour through the UK and mainland. Unfortunately, the ex-ESCAPE THE FATE-vocalist and his band play in Cologne when its high tide for the carnival saison. I guess that's the reason why only half of the venue is crowded. Nevertheless about 400 kids showed up to see FALLING IN REVERSE.

According to the venue's homepage the concert should begin at 8.30pm, but when I arrive at the Essigfabrik at 8.35 the first band, JOY BECAME CLEAR, already finished its set. So, after waiting for 45 minutes FALLING IN REVERSE finally hit the stage. The crowd is excited when the four musicians enter the stage, but it's euphoric when singer Ronnie Radke does. 'God, If You're Above...' from the forthcoming third record "Just Like You" opens the set. I am surprised that so many fans know each and every word of the song, even though it hasn't been released on an album. The sound is okay, but I think that the guitars could sound more aggressive. It seems like Radke is having some trouble with his in-ears during the whole show. After a member of the roadcrew changes his in-ears during the opening song, he still has trouble and takes it out of his ear, just to put it back in a few seconds later.

Nevertheless I am surprised by the good singing of Radke. Honestly I was afraid that he might not hit the notes like he does on the records. Despite this his performance lacks some energy. For most of the 70 minutes long gig he just walks from stage left to stage right and back again. His fellow musicians seem to be familiar with the fact that the kids' centre of attention is the singer, so they act in back. There are only a few moments when Radke is showing off some dance moves or somebody of the band is in the spotlight. Though, it has to be pointed out, that it is Radke, who everybody was coming for. Though, it looks very strange that a rapper is coming on stage for 'Alone', because he has absolutely no purpose.

The set contains a good mix of FALLING IN REVERSE's two LPs "The Drug In Me Is You" and "Fashionably Late". Compared to setlists of other shows the band plays a few songs more than usual. The encore also contains two songs by Radke's old band ESCAPE THE FATE. For me it is the show's highlight to listen to 'Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliché' and 'Situations'. I have always loved the band's debut "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion", but I only got to see Craig Mabbitt singing these tunes. By now ESCAPE THE FATE doesn't even play any of the songs from their iconic debut, so to see and hear Radke playing these tracks is fantastic! Tonight's last song is the glam metal-influenced 'The Drug In Me Is You', which ends a great show. I guess it's not just me, who hopes that FALLING IN REVERSE will return for other tours in the near future.