Röck Döts

Funeral For A Friend with No Bragging Rights and Fjørt

Location: Gebäude 9, Cologne
Date: 01/26/2015

Funeral For A Friend It seems like better days are ahead for Welsh post-hardcore heroes FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. In October 2013 was the last time the band came over for a show in Cologne. Then they played the Underground and didn't sell out at all. About 200 people wanted to see the group. Flash forward to 2015: The band sells out the small MTC and the concert gets moved to the bigger Gebäude 9 and it sells out as well.
German melodic hardcore outfit FJØRT is the first group to enter the stage. The band with the German lyrics got quite popular during the last twelve months. The concert hall of the venue is packed with people and it is hard to get into the crowd, because there are so many people attending for the opening band. The trio plays a decent set consisting of tracks taken from their full-length debut "D'accord" and the ep "Demontage". It seems like the crowd is familiar with most of the songs taken from the band's debut. For half an hour FJØRT run across the stage and succeed in heating up the crowd.
Things get rough when US-melodic hardcore outfit NO BRAGGING RIGHTS kick in. The band blends massive hardcore in the vain of MADBALL and pop punk. Most songs of tonight's set can be found on their 2014 record "The Concrete Flower". Fans of STICK TO YOUR GUNS should check out this band. But some of the speeches in-between songs are far too long. Some of the personal talks take up to almost 90 seconds - kind of long in a 30 minutes set. Nevertheless tunes such as 'Brave Heart', 'Outdated' or 'Right Minded' are fuel for the mosh pit that evolves during NO BRAGGING RIGHTS' show, which should gain them some new fans.
Finally, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND appear on stage without any intro or something. It's just the five men walking up on stage, say hi to the crowd and then they kick in with 'Pencil Pusher' from their new record "Chapter and Verse". Due to the fact that this album was released only three days ahead of this show there are many faces who don't know the song. The fact that the sound is worse than before during the first two songs adds up to that.
It is obvious that the crowd wants to hear some tracks taken from "Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation" and its follow-up "Hours". With 'Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings' and 'Storytelling' FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND also plays some more rare songs from their classic debut. It is great to hear 'The Distance' and 'Front Row Seats To The End of The World' as well, which were painfully missed back in 2013.
For 60 minutes the Welsh rockers put on a great show with an even better setlist, even though tracks of "Tales Don't Tell Themselves" and "Memory and Humanity" are left out. FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND should put more faith in these alternative rock anthems. Nevertheless this show is even better than the last time I saw them play. Hopefully it doesn't take two years again for the return to Cologne.