Röck Döts

The Gaslight Anthem

Location: Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt
Date: 11/14/2014

The Gaslight Anthem The convert evening in Jahrhunderthalle is opened by Bayside from New York City, who play a melodic, slightly punky form of indie / alternative rock, and are a pretty nice start with their quite well composed songs. But this time 30 minutes of playing time are also sufficient, since the songs are sounding very similar to each other.

That is not a problem for second support Deer Tick. On the contrary, the singers / songwriters from Rhode Iceland place themsleves between classical rock 'n' roll and some folk and guitarist Ian O'Neil is a Dylan-Lookalike whose voice is similar to the one of his idol thoroughly. The band plays a good, experienced gig, the sweeping jam session towards the end is a bit too extended.
Who saw The Gaslight Anthem during the last tour, and compared it with the show in Frankfurt t experiences a band slowly but surely maturing to become major rockstars. Recently the band from New Jersey made with all quality the impression of a more ambitious GarageBand, today they play a headlining concert, which fully deserves its name. The stage is now immersed in impressive light steam, and at least the interior of the arena is absolutely into it and celebrates the band's songs with fervor.
This fervor is necessary to yell against the surprisingly powerful sound wall. TGA whip heavy riffs into the wide around, thereby making even actually quite tasteful songs such as "Get Hurt", title track of their latest album, more powerful. The new album is a big part of the show with a total of seven songs in the setlist, which proves the suitability of the tracks for a concert. The 100 minutes of this concert are a merciless best-of program, in which the Band rarely find time to relax. That the cover of Black Sabbath's War Pigs fits wel into the set shows the energy TGA present today. "The 59 Sound", "Handwritten" and "45" are all placed quite early into the set and with their anthem character provide a lot of sing along atmosphere, the audience is particularly pleased with the numbers from their debut "Sink Or Swim". There is now also a whole range of hits coming from it, "1930", "Wooderson" and "We Came To Dance" are all favorites of the extremely variegated Frankfurt audience.
The band also play a stripped-down version of "Great Expectations" and "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues", both of which the audience also seems to have been waiting for. TGA do not leave the stage prior to the anchor, but play the complete set all at once. Traditionally "Backseats" closes the, certainly one of the best from the band. It will only be a small step for them until they will be standing on top of the larger festivals - tonight's show was the very best advertising.