Röck Döts

Linkin Park with Of Mice & Men

Location: Königs-Pilsener-Arena, Oberhausen
Date: 11/09/2014

Linkin Park and Of Mice & Men LINKIN PARK was one of my teenage favourites. "Hybrid Theory" was one of the best records to rock in your nursery. "Meteora" was good as well, but then the nu metal-heroes changed their musical paths to a more alternative rock-driven sound on "Minutes To Midnight". The next two records shows an even electronic side of the group. Even though the band's sales figures were still over the top and much better than the most of (ex-)nu metal band's, fans were kind of disappointed that LINKIN PARK turned their backs on rock music. This year's "The Hunting Party" shows them regaining their raw rock sound, blending the nu metal sound of their iconic debut with the electronic sounds of their previous records.
Even though I loved the first two records I never got the chance to see a LINKIN PARK concert. With a strong record behind them I thought it might be the right time to catch one of their shows. I am kind of surprised about the audience. It is a wide range of different people: teenagers, families, people that are the age of my parents and fans that stick around since "Hybrid Theory". Next to me sits a lady of about 50 years old. Actually, I am afraid for her, because metalcore-heavy hitters OF MICE & MEN are opening the shows. Most of the 12.000 people won't even know this band, because it's too "underground" for the European mainstream. Mommy next to me seems to have fun, though. Even though I expected a little bit more action among the audience during the set's opener 'Public Service Announcement', the people seem to like the band. This might be due to singer Austin Carlile's charisma. He knows how to deal with more difficult crowds. He accomplishes it, that the whole standing area gets down on their knees during 'The Depths' and to jump when the song kicks in. I never thought that I'd see a metalcore band playing an arena show, but OF MICE & MEN do more than well. The crowd enjoys the show and so does the five-piece, who put on a real good show.
After a break of 30 minutes the arena's light go down and a wild DJ intro blasts through the PA before LINKIN PARK enters the stage. 'Guilty All The Same', a heavy song taken from the band's most recent record "The Hunting Party", kicks in and the crowd is jumping up and down. Even mommy next to me enjoys the raw song. Especially the first quarter of the show draws a lot from the "Hybrid Theory" songs, which is great. These tunes are still the best ones the band ever wrote. But even some of the new tunes are good, but it's annoying that LINKIN PARK cut some of their own tunes short by leaving out the second verses. Other songs get cut short in a medley, which isn't great as well. I don't see the purpose of that, because the show would have been ten minutes longer if they play all these tracks in its entirety. At least some of the big hits like 'Crawling' should have been performed in full. The band's main guitar player Brad Delson is one of the lamest dudes in rock, ever! To me it seems strange that the guitar player of a rockband can walk around on stage without having any hand on his instrument. And he just walks around! There is a serious lack of energy and even MÖTLEY CRÜE's Mick Mars has more energy than him.
During LINKIN PARK's 100 minute long performance the band seems to be routined, but not very dangerous in Oberhausen. The harshness is dosed and I expected a more raw show. Nevertheless the light show is extraordinary and the band's performance is solid. It includes almost all the hits, but I wished it would have been a little bit more unpredictable, a little bit more wild. But I guess I should have seen this band ten years earlier.