Röck Döts

Taking Back Sunday

Location: Luxor, Cologne
Date: 02/20/2014

Taking Back Sunday TAKING BACK SUNDAY once were the heroes of the young emo scene. Meanwhile they are an independent rock band releasing its sixth studio album "Happiness Is ...". Before that they play five shows in Europe however. The only German tour stop is the beautiful Cologne. The small Luxor is today's location and is fully packed. There is space for around 400 people and about as many have bought a ticket for this evening to experience the concert.
I missed the first band, so we start with the great TAKING BACK SUNDAY. The guys start more than elegant with 'A Decade Under The Influence' from their second album "Where You Want To Be". Although the sound is (still) not very good, the song can be recognised no later than the succinct and more than catchy chorus.
In general, the band's setlist is based on the very first three albums "Tell All Your Friends", said "Where You Want To Be" and "Louder Now". But the fans do not really care about. However, I think it is a bit sad that TAKING BACK SUNDAY do not play a single song from "New Again". In 2009, the song came to live pretty well. But why should I grumble, after all, the ingenious 'Bonus Mosh Part II' is now being playedfor the first time in Germany. The same applies for the nice "Taking Back Sunday" -ballad 'Call Me In The Mornung'. As if that were not enough special features, then there's 'Flicker fade' and 'Beat Up Car' two tracks from "Happiness Is ...". The first song is known to faithful fans of the band, of course, as it is the first single from the upcoming release. It is a pity that you can not really see the band. In the Luxor sight is worse than normal the stage well, but TAKING BACK SUNDAY disappears completely in the red light of the stage. From the front, the rockers are unfortunately illuminated. Drummer and bassist Shaun Cooper Marc O'Connell are hardly seen, thanks to low light and a lot of fog. You would like to see more of singer Adam Lazzara and his funny items, but unfortunately that desire is not fulfilled. But he can be heard and his entertaining announcements as well.
TAKING BACK SUNDAY play 18 songs. Without pause or without the addition of anything, probably because the band has to stop right on time. The 70 minutes are quite entertaining and can convince the audience. I believe that this is even the best performance of TAKING BACK SUNDAY I have seen. The setlist was good, escept for the missing 'Set To Stun Phrasers' and at least a "New Again" song. One can only hope that Adam Lazzara and his band do not take forever to find the way to Europe again. For today's show was just too good!