Röck Döts

Morrissey with Anna Calvi

Location: Colosseum Theater, Essen
Date: 11/24/2014

Morrissey with Anna Calvi To be honest: I was afraid that MORRISSEY might cancel some dates or even his whole European tour in support of his new record "World Peace Is None of Your Business". Last and this year's US runs were troubled by show cancelations. It is now known that the iconic singer suffered from cancer. Against the will of his doctors he wants to continue touring and finally the date has come and still there is no cancelation of his concert in Essen, Germany.

This show of MORRISSEY is special because it takes place in a venue that is mostly used for theatre performances or musicals. The entire room is seated, which gives the show something more special. The venue itself is far more luxurious than the typical concert venue. Red carpets and elegant furniture decorate the inside of the old building. The audience of this long time sold-out show has an age average of 35+ years, which surprises me. I expected a lot younger crowd and many hipsters. Most attendees could have seen MORRISSEY back in the early 90's or even the legendary indie-rockers THE SMITHS, which made Mozzar the icon he is today.
The support act for this tour is British art rock singer ANNA CALVI. But due to the seated venue it is impossible to get to my seat without being that one guy who enrages the audience of my tier. So I only get there after the singer's performance. During the break the audience can watch a video collage of several 60's and 70's music videos/concert footage and comedians. Some people in the audience yell when there is some footage about Margret Thatcher's death, which also includes the children song 'The Witch Is Dead'.
At 9 o'clock the lights turn off and MORRISSEY, accompanied by his band, enters the stage and kicks in with his first solo-single hit 'Suedehead'. I am surprised that his voice sound that good live. His band plays great as well, but they stay behind the iconic singer and play their instruments very routined. The focus is all on MORRISSEY as he walks around the stage, shakes some hands and sings his songs.
The focus of the setlist is clearly on his recent record "World Peace Is None of Your Business", but he also includes 'Scandinavia' and 'One of Your Own', which were two of the six bonustracks of the album's limited edition. 'One of Your Own' grows to a great song, because the drums and the piano are more energetic in contrast to the studio version. There are a bunch of records that are not represented within the setlist: "Kill Uncle", "Southpaw Grammar", "You Are The Quarry", and "Ringleaders of the Tormentors". Moz also plays only (?) three songs by THE SMITHS: 'The Queen Is Dead', 'How Soon Is Now?' and 'Meat Is Murder', which is accompanied by a video about animal slaughter and industrial livestock farming. Somehow this is disturbing. It is no secret that MORRISSEY fights for animal rights and vegetarianism, but you can't focus on both, the video and the song. Instead he could have shown this video before the show during the break.
After a great performance of 'Speedway' MORRISSEY leaves the stage, but he and his band come back a few moments later. After the first chords of the hit single 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' a few fans jump on stage to get close to their idol. This ends with the cancellation of the remaining show. Great! But before the English singer played a 85 minute long show that was very strong and can be considered as one of the very best concerts of 2014.