Röck Döts

Silverstein with Lonely The Brave and As It Is

Location: Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Cologne
Date: 04/10/2015

"Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge", "Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation", "Tell All Your Friends", "Nightmare Anatomy" and "Discovering The Waterfront". There are the five best records of second wave emo. The last record is SILVERSTEIN's break-through record, released in 2005. Despite other bands disbanding or turning towards other sounds, SILVERSTEIN remained the same band throughout their career, even though they developed. Ten years after the release of that classic record, SILVERSTEIN celebrate its 10th anniversary by playing it in its entirety.

First band of the evening is American newcomers AS IT IS. The group's blend of post-hardcore and pop punk isn't anything new or special, but it is quite solid. But the vocalist's voice is kind of annoying. The quite young looking dude puts on a good show, but his high pitched voice ruins the songs. At least the three musicians do a good job and know how to work with their instruments. Especially the younger audience seems to like AS IT IS, while the older ones only nod for the band's drummer's performance.
LONELY THE BRAVE are up next. This band appeals more to the older part of the audience. The alternative rock of the British band is close to the sound of Scottish arena rockers BIFFLY CLYRO, but LONELY THE BRAVE lacks the big melodies, which made the Scotts become one of Europe's biggest bands. Their show as well is okay, but not very exciting. Most of the group's stage time the musicians stand on the same spot without moving too much.
Headliners SILVERSTEIN do know how to give their fans one hell of time. The first part of the band's set consists of a best-of-set. Eight songs taken from all of their records, kicking in with an energetic performance of the Canadians' first hit 'Smashed Into Pieces'. Even though the post-hardcore mixes songs from different periods of their work, you still think that it is the same band. Newer songs like 'Vices' or 'Sacrifice' might be heavier than the old tunes, but it is still the same group.
After 'Bleeds No More' SILVERSTEIN leave the stage, but they return with another intro before they dedicated the second part of the concert to "Discovering The Waterfront". The setlist is no wonder at all, because the band plays the record from front to back, from 'My Sword versus Your Dagger' up to 'Call It Karma'. The band, which plays together for 15 years, has a lot of fun during these songs - some of which they haven't performed in years and some that they never played in Europe at all. I am very excited to finally hear the title track again (the first and also last time was back in 2006) and 'Three Hours Back', which I have never experienced SILVERSTEIN playing. Of course the band simply cannot fail with such a killer record/setlist. Old and even the very young fans dance and sing along to these genre defining tunes.
'Call It Carma' is the last song of the band's 70 minutes performance. By far this was one of the best shows I have seen by SILVERSTEIN. I'd love to see them play an anniversary tour for "Arrivals & Departures" as well in two years. Who knows?