Röck Döts

Taking Back Sunday with Marmozets and Blitz Kids

Location: Luxor, Cologne
Date: 12/16/2014

Taking Back Sunday with Marmozets and Blitz Kids Even though the big times for emo-rockers TAKING BACK SUNDAY are gone, the band is still in captive of a vital fanbase. Today's show is the third time for the band to sell out Cologne's venue, Luxor. The 400 fans are eager to hear some songs from the group's most recent record, this year's "Happiness Is...".

But before it's up to BLITZ KIDS to heat up the crowd. At least they manage to excite the front rows, which are filled with underage girls, who know every lyric to the Brits' very poppy alternative rock. Skinny jeans, good haircuts, guitars that harm nobody and very catchy hooklines are exactly what the young crowd is up for - at least the girls in the front. For most part of this audience this sound is much too young, or at least too teenage.
British newcomers MARMOZETS are received much better. The five-piece around singer Becca Macintyre include her two brothers Sam and Josh, as well as brothers Jack and Will Bottomley. Their sound is a great mix of the chaotic punk rock of GALLOWS debut record, "Orchestra of Wolves", and the indie-vibes of early ARCITC MONKEYS. The group's performance is rather hardcore and very energetic. Even if you aren't familiar with tunes like 'Shake, Move, Hide' or 'Why Do You Hate Me?' you enjoy the young bloods' show. I am pretty sure that their debut record, "The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets", which entered the UK album charts at 25, will become a serious hype in Germany as well in 2015.
But everybody's waiting for TAKING BACK SUNDAY. 'What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?' is a great way to start a show. With two other classic tracks, 'A Decade Under The Influence' and 'Number Five With A Bullet', you can't do anything wrong. The band is in a great mood and the fans are as well. From the very first notes the crowd is moving and singing along to their favourite songs. Singer Adam Lazzara is the centre of attention. He is one of the best frontman in modern rock, because he is funny, knows how to deal with a crowd and catches everybody's attention. Nine out of ten singers could learn a lot from him. Before 'Better Homes and Better Gardens' he explains that he wasn't sure, if he should write this song. During the line 'You'll never be happy / you'll never be happy' he screams, that his ex-fiancee said this to him, which gives the sad song an ever sadder edge.
The setlist is a good mix of old and new songs, but it leaves out any material from 2009's "New Again". Of course the songs taken from TAKING BACK SUNDAY's first two records, "Tell All Your Friends" (2002) and "Where You Want To Be" (2004) get the best reactions from the crowd. New tracks such as 'Flicker Fade' or 'Stood A Chance' are well received as well, though. Spontaneously, the band also plays 'One-Eighty By Summer' today, which isn't included in any other setlist of this European tour. After almost 80 minutes and the two hit songs 'Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)' and 'Makedamnsure', the emo-rockers say goodbye to the crowd. I am pretty sure that everybody is very satisfied with the band's performance, which was even better than their show this February.