Röck Döts

The Kooks and Bleachers

Location: Palladium, Cologne
Date: 02/18/2015

The Kooks and Bleachers, Palladium, Cologne It seems like the big days are over. THE KOOKS aren't the big indie hype they once have been. The band's debut was an overnight success story, everything that followed were real good records, that just couldn't hold up to the debut's sales figures. The British band's most recent output, 2014's "Listen", failed to live up to the predecessors' chart positions. The group which had such big success with tunes as 'Ooh La' or 'Naive' declined into a group that has mediocre success. Nevertheless about 2000 people attend to THE KOOKS' show at the Palladium.
The support act is the American band BLEACHERS. Honestly, I have never ever heard of them before, but it looks like most of the crowd are familiar with the act. And I have to admit, that I really enjoy the group's performance, despite I don't understand why the band includes two drummers. The first two songs sound like a mix of indie, pop and 80's stadium rock, like THE KILLERS would cover TOTO. Due to the whole band singing the choruses they sound almost larger than life. The following tunes include a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN-vibe instead of the 80's stadium rock. Especially The Boss' 'Dancing In The Dark' seems to be a very important song for BLEACHERS to draw influences from. The set, which lasts about 30 minutes, was really good and I think I need to give this band a listen.
Headliners THE KOOKS enter the stage half an hour later. The British indie rockers kick in with their new tune 'Around Town'. I guess some people know that song because it was released as a single prior the release of "Listen". The debut's track 'See The World' follows, which the crowd is happy about, but it takes a hit single such as 'Ooh La' to make the people dance. The next tunes are taken from "Listen" and the response of the crowd appears reluctant. I think it is a shame, that the band is reduced to its debut or the follow-up "Konk". "Junk of the Heart" and "Listen" do include some great songs as well - like this concert is about to show.
Even though the really big days are over, THE KOOKS still put on a great show. There are monitors all over the stage, that show the band's performance. Most of these pictures are spiced up by some filters, that give some pictures an surreal edge. Another plus is the great sound. Just like ALT-J two weeks before the sound in the Palladium is great. I guess this isn't the right venue for metal shows, because I never witnessed a good sounding metal concert in this room.
'Sofa Song' and 'Forgive & Forget' end the first part of the band's set. The four-piece returns just a few moments later for the three song strong encore set. The ballad 'See Me Now' is the first track to be played. 'Junk of the Heart (Happy)' follows and gets a surprisingly great response by the crows. But it is 'Naive' that everybody's waiting for. After almost 80 minutes THE KOOKS finally say goodbye to their fans.